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Simply swipe your card at the checkout and select “Credit” or “Debit”. It’s offered through some — not all — private Medicare Advantage plans to help pay for specific expenses, such as over-the-counter (OTC) medications, a grocery allowance for.

Exclusive benefits just for members.


Replace lost or stolen cardsPlease call us right away at. It becomes available monthly. .

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Remember that when selecting Debit, you may have to enter your PIN.

To use your Flex card, follow the steps below: Activate your PayFlex card by calling the number on the back of your card to obtain your PIN.

It's a great tax-advantaged plan that can also help you build a healthier financial future. class=" fc-falcon">Make the most of your HSA.

Before your card expires, you’ll receive a new card in the mail. You can use your Extra Benefits Prepaid Card at participating stores near you.

” There is a limit to the areas these cards are available.
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Please activate the card by visiting Aetna.

Some Anthem Medicare Advantage plans may feature Medicare flex cards.

The flex card is one of many benefits to consider when deciding between original Medicare and Medicare Advantage. Replace lost or stolen cards — Please call us right away at. WellCare Flex Card Benefits.

fc-falcon">Make the most of your HSA. Important Note: If you’re a State or Higher Education employee and enrolled in both the Health Savings Account (HSA) and Limited Purpose Flexible Spending Account (LPFSA), you’ll use one PayFlex Card for both accounts. We provide complete customization so you can offer your members convenient access to healthy food choices. When choosing a Medicare Advantage plan,. Aetna of your new address. .

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It's a great tax-advantaged plan that can also help you build a healthier financial future. After enrollment in WellCare Medicare Advantage, the insurer may send you an activated WellCare Flex Card Visa ready to use and loaded with an annual allowance for dental, vision and hearing services.

Anthem, Aetna and Humana all announced they would offer new Medicare Advantage plans in 2022 that include these “flex cards.

Enjoy discounts on wellness, convenient MinuteClinic® visits, digital.

Using the Aetna Flex Card is straightforward.

Participating stores provide online and in-store specials.

There are three types of FSAs: health care FSA, dependent care FSA and limited purpose FSA.